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I am offering tailormade workshop facilitations. Typically it is 1 or 2 days workshops where people gather to work for a common purpose. It is very often with a take off in a desire for change being it a mind-set change or a change in the way people are working together.

I have facilitated many different workshops where both brain and heart are being utilized.

Sometimes it is leadership teams that are having a common issue to deal with or a need for creating meaning together or simply explore ways to work together.

I have facilitated workshops with groups as big a 100 people who are gathered with a common goal in mind and using the collective intelligence to create an outcome that will work for the organisation´s development.

Common for my concept is an interaction between presentations, group work, exercises, physical icebreakers and making sure there is a link between purpose, process and expected outcome.

A new developed concept is facilitation of workshops outdoor in the lovely Danish nature with fresh air, green forest and close to the sea.

Different methods for workshops :

  • Open Space
  • World Café
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Future scenarios

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