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I have worked globally with leadership and organizational development for more than 15 years. As an HR development consultant I have typically worked with departments who had a desire to develop or to change according to new business situations. The focus is both the individual and the team or group.

I use different models but my starting point is always based on where the organisation and the employees are today. I use different interview models followed by workshop interventions.

An example of a typical intervention and development process:

  • An open involving process where both leader and employees are active.
  • The definition of the purpose (E.g. motivation, increasing employee satisfaction, change of business strategy, transformation)
  • Conducting interviews to gather data for a fact pack.

What do I hear, what do I see and what do I understand.

  • Conduct and facilitate a workshop with members of the target group.

Thereby you create a common ground for development.

A new exciting tool to work with organizational culture is the rep:grid. If you are curious about this tool you can read more.

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