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Bente Kjems Dyring has founded Dyring Consulting.

I hold a masters degree in Chinese Language and Literature, I have lived and studied in China, worked as a global HR development consultant for a major European company and have been stationed in Singapore. I have worked professionally with the Chinese Culture since 2003 and followed the development in China since my first visit in 1986. Furthermore, I have worked globally and conducted workshops in Brazil, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Thus I have extensive cross-cultural experience.

Cross-cultural understanding and communication is about finding ways to collaborate and defining a working codex comfortable for everybody irrespective of cultural differences.  There is so much culture hidden in the way we communicate and in the way we conduct our daily tasks at work.

For more than 15 years I have worked globally with a focus on developing organisations and supporting the globalization of a company. As an HR development consultant I have typically worked with departments who needed a fresh look at their own development or with development potential of managers.

I use interview models in my work followed up by the involvement workshops.

I base my leadership philosophy on personal leadership and its followership, and how to create acceptance and understanding for yourself in order to lead and also create the followership essential for success in leadership performance.

I use a situational leadership approach and believe it is learning how to be good at “being yourself”. I use a few profile tests in order to find out who you are.

Organizational development: I use easy and pragmatic models in my work to pin point what needs to be looked at in an organization.

I have an interest in group-dynamics and how people cooperate/interact.

Development of trust and confidence are 2 main factors that become even more important and not to be ignored when working globally.

Educational background:

  • Masters in Chinese Language and Literature combined with communication and media studies from Aarhus University, Denmark.
  • Process consultant education obtained in Denmark.
  • Adult teaching background.

In my work I include the below obtained certifications:

Jungian Type Understanding  (JTI/MBTI)

Extended -DISC

Predictive Index (PI)

LEA Leadership Equity Assessment (measuring the leadership potential in an organisation)

Master Person Analysis (MPA)

Situational Leadership (Blanchard model)

Bente Kjems Dyring

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